Sunday, October 25, 2009
Welcome to our second "Show Off Your Cottage Monday". Please join us as we celebrate how we live and create surroundings that are charming, warm, engaging and most of all, personal.

We are everywhere blasted by noise: traffic, construction, radio, television, iPods, the sound of busy fingers on computer keyboard clicking away, printers and photocopies, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and the constant ring of cell phones not quite drowning out the sound of airplanes passing overhead… our minds and spirits were not designed to battle the hyper pace and sounds of our modern world… we need a place to hide… an escape into the quiet…

No, I’m not talking about complete silence; that can actually drive you insane. I’m talking about a place surprisingly accessible where the constant din of civilization simply drops away: Home!

Don’t you get tired of spending your days closeted in the office? I certainly do! When I'm at the office I often daydream of home. I’d go home, go to the garden, check what new magic awaits there, see what new color autumn has bestow upon each tree and leave, make some dinner and then, of course, burrow under that puffy duvet with a good book and… no noise, nowhere to go and nothing to do for a bit. Doesn't it sound great?

Today, I’m celebrating my personal oasis, the place to recharge and rejuvenate after a long stressful day. Each night I hurl myself toward my nightlight and this pile of pillows with total gratitude and . . . affection; which signify: “home means everything to me”.

What are you celebrating today? Link up and tell us all about it.