Harvest Moon

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Did you know that the first full moon of September is called the “Harvest Moon?” Ah yes, it means time to collect our harvest in whatever form it takes. Here, in our little enchanted space, we have much home-grown produce to collect and then preserve for the long cold months ahead. All day long I see fairies and sprites buzzing along as they get ready for the hard work ahead...

If you would come by for a visit, you would see that the garden is alive with all the bustling and hustling and moving very fast of all sort of creatures –little and big– as they go through their busy day. We have oodles of grapes and tomatoes to collect and then preserve and give away, and sprites and elves are fully occupied in their job of collecting all the precious herbs from our kitchen garden. After all our herbs are harvested, they would have to be preserved. Freezing is one of the easiest methods to preserve herbs, but they could also be dried. The thought of a winter's supply of culinary herbs from my garden makes me smile! Doesn’t this sound dreamy?

Ah yes, life is not just about frolicking under the canopy of trees as one may think... Don't you be fooled by all those little sappy creatures you see flying around here! There is much more to do than just that! Although I would have to say that frolicking in the garden all day long sounds dreamy to me! I tell you, you work so hard and for such long hours out here! And with garden duties, and oodles of chores inside and outside, you just can't find sufficient time to rest. My back and feet ache at the end of everyday from my busyness. But at least I have all the help one can get. I can't complain! And now that sweet Mr. Peter Pan thought of me and brought me this cute sombrero from Neverland to protect my head from the scorching sun of September, life is even sweeter out here!

I have my giant basket of herbs straight from our own garden!

And will be working on my own edible delights that would be infused with love and magic... Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we miss life’s heartbeat right before our eyes. And I don't want to miss a single minute of these last days of summer. Time passes much too quickly if you ask me... even though this frolicking fairy was just beyond my camera lens, as I sat here, I could feel the passing of time blowing by like the breath of summer fairies on my face.

Summer is almost over, and that song from Cheryl Wheeler keeps popping up in my mind...

"Summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why
Sentimental old fool, weeping for this blue, blue sky
And the way the cat is sleeping and the way the garden grew
Wagging dogs who lick my face and the way I feel for you..."

Soon I will be out there again wondering the woods when the dried leaves will be falling down in showers and piling themselves up in little grave-like heaps...

But for now I’m still enjoying the last of the roses and the fragrant grapevines; the residual of a garden soon to slow down in a mosaic colors of red, purple, gold, and orange...

"Who could help but welcome autumn and the promise of the winter snow?
Still there's something sweet and wistful as I watch this lovely summer go
But the sun is sinking sooner and the weeds have won at last
With the berries on the bushes and the crickets in the grass
Oh summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why..."

What magical things are you up to these days? Please take me fly with you!

How Clean are your Dishes?

How Clean Are Your Dishes?

Phosphates pose a threat to aquatic life and can end up in drinking-water reservoirs. In response to new laws, more and more makers of dishwasher detergents are reducing the amounts of phosphates in their products. But, according to a recent article published by The New York Times, "Cleaner for the Environment, Not for the Dishes," consumers claim their low-phosphate detergents aren't getting the job done.

Launched in 1991, Shaklee Basic-D was the first patented phosphate-free dishwashing cleanser. Today, our Shaklee Get Clean Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate is a patented, high-performing, phosphate-free dishwasher cleanser. Its enzyme-activated formula removes tough stains without the need for prerinsing, leaving dishes sparkling clean. Shaklee Get Clean products do not contain phosphates—and never will.

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Get Clean

This was a message from our Shaklee Corp.

I have been using these products for over 11 years and LOVE them!!!

I especially LOVE the dish detergent and liquid.

If I am washing a pot or pan, I seriously only use a couple of  DROPS of liquid and it gets all the grease off!

And for my dishwasher, I use Shaklee’s detergent and I NEVER PRE-WASH/RINSE my dishes. 


They come out CLEAN every time.  I am so grateful for this because it saves me SOOOO much time!

According to this cost comparison sheet, it only costs 18.9 cents of Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate per load of dishes.  CHEEP!  Did you know that Cascade Complete costs 28.4 cents per load and Seventh Generation costs 40.4 cents per load?

To order or learn more about  these safe dish products, please visit my online Shaklee shop today!

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)

Show Off Your Cottage Monday - Breakfast room

Sunday, September 26, 2010
Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.

The House in the Roses

Welcome to our breakfast room. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. A large square table sits in the middle of it, and it is surrounded by windows that provide plenty of light and a view of the gardens. The brightly streaming sunshine is one of my favorite things about the room and because of it I like to keep the decor simple, serene and peaceful. For now, I will leave you with photos. I hope you enjoy your visit and find it as relaxing as I do.

What blessings are you celebrating today about your home or life? I would love to hear it! Now is the time to find joy in the little things! Share your joy below by linking!

Turn Off The Tap To Save Water

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought that I would quickly show you several ways to save water and save green!

We could always use another reminder. And I am pretty sure that we all LOVE saving $money$!  Right?

Turn Off The Tap To Save Water

A few easy strategies. Old habits die hard, but learning to adjust your water use practices could have a decent impact on your overall water consumption. I've got a couple simple strategies that'll get you slowing the flow in no time.

Water on, water off: Don't let the water run endlessly as you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Instead, turn the tap on "half-blast" to wet your toothbrush or hands, then turn the water off while you scrub your pearly-whites or lather your skin. Turn the tap back on only when you're ready to rinse—employ the half-blast method again.

Cup-style conservation for shaving and brushing: When brushing your teeth or shaving, try using a cup. Simply fill an average glass with water (and shut the tap off when you're done). Dip your toothbrush or razor into the cup to wet it. Continue as usual, then use the cup-water to rinse.

Face-washing eco-wise: Get your face clean without gallons of water by using a washcloth. Turn the tap on briefly to wet your hands as well as your facecloth and then shut the flow off again. Apply soap to your wet hands and scrub like normal. When you're ready to rinse, use your wet cloth to remove the soap, then give it a quick rinse under the tap.

Cool down with a pitcher: If you're in need of a cold glass of water, don't run the tap until you get the desired temperature. Instead, plan ahead by filling a pitcher with water and putting it in the fridge. This way, you'll have cold water on demand without sending many, many gallons down the drain needlessly.

Water warm-up savings: If you've got to wait several minutes before your shower or tap water warms up, consider using the warm-up water for other purposes by putting a bowl or pail under the faucet. You can water your plants, rinse recyclables, or feed your pets with this otherwise wasted H2O.

Sensible shower use: If you've got a shut-off valve on your showerhead, use it to turn down or stop the water while you soap up, shave, or apply shampoo and conditioner.

I hope you found these tips as a helpful reminder!

What water saving tips do you use?

Bonnie :)

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Practical Magic Blogger's Party!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Once upon a time, in a land where trees grew tall and housed all manner of strange creatures, a girl named “Yellow Hair” went out for a walk...

Enthralled by morning light and bird songs, Yellow Hair walked and walked until she finally found herself lost in the woods.

Rainbow feathered birds of green and blue and yellow flew down from the tree tops as Yellow Hair sat on a fallen log to ponder where she was...

Too late she realized she ventured onto "Perdition Trail"! What she thought was the path petered out into dense brush and a tangled web of trees so thick you could almost see the sky, and now she was lost! Worse yet, as she oriented herself she realized this wasn't any forest. Oh no, it was a land of witches! A land of many fear! The legend said that all sort of supernatural creatures abounded there, some dating back to the long lost ages before man could write. Not even the most courageous heroes of Hollow Village would dare walk that part of the forest.

It was well known that for centuries a coven of witches met secretly each fall to practice their magic in that part of the forest... everyone in Hollow Village was aware of this, and not a soul would dare go into the woods when it grew dark and the witches of the night began their rituals...

Yellow Hair sat on the log trembling with fear... The beautiful birds of the forest heard her cried and settled down on her shoulders. They told Yellow Hair of a witch woman who lived in a lovely stone cottage deep within the forest. She was a good witch and Yellow Hair would find asylum in her cozy stone cottage. Over there... over there is where you would find the cottage!", said the birds signaling the far-off distance with their shinny wings. And so Yellow Hair followed the path dictated by the birds; hurrying in her steps before the forest grew dark and the night creatures began to come out...

A sound of wings fluttering above her made her look up and there, before her, was a man and his dog... or was it more like a gnome and his dog? At first Yellow Hair was afraid that he was one of the creepy men that inhabited the forest, but it was said that they all had hair of the darkest black, and although this man had a huge sombrero that covered most of his head, she still could tell that the gnome didn’t have hair--not a single hair in all of his round head!
Yellow Hair asked the good gnome if he would help her find the little stone cottage and the good witch who lived in it, but the gnome just looked at her in total surprise... he had to sit down for a minute to put his thoughts in order... he looked very perplexed.

The good gnome told Yellow Hair that he had traveled from far away in the forest, where he lived up in the treetops with his dog and had never ever seen a stone cottage in that part of the wood, or heard of a good witch before. “Nonsense”—he said. “There are no such things in this ominous forest”. And to prove he was right, he took Yellow Hair to look out over the canopy of trees... Yellow Hair was afraid to climb so high, and at first she had a lot of trouble maintaining her balance, but after some struggle and much giggling she finally felt very comfortable up in the tress, and was able to see a forest that stretched out to the ends of the earth in every direction...

And what do you know! Ah yes, a cottage indeed!! Yellow Hair could see the small white stone cottage nestled among wild roses in the distance. It was the most precious thing she had ever seen... a cottage swathed in mystery, yet so enchanting her heart was bursting with joy. The strangest and purest of light was falling down from the sky right onto this little cottage; like a magical veil, and there were myriads of flowers growing in the shade. Calendulas, poppies, love-in-a-mist and bachelor’s buttons grew like rich, flourishing grass... the soft lights of candles flickering on the windows of the little cottage made her heart sing... she was thrilled!

The old gnome saw the cottage too and was baffled by it, but wary of an evil presence that had already grown too strong, decided to go along with Yellow Hair... They walk together by dangerous waterfalls and through the thickest of forest. They could not even see each other because of all the trees... They tried to stay together, but they could not. The gnome went this way. Yellow Hair went that way.

When Yellow Hair finally reached the cottage she raced to it... as she reached the half open front door, she called out: “Is there anybody home?” Total silence. It was such fascination entering that silent cottage. As Yellow Hair came into the house she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was nothing what she had expected to be--a cottage filled with dust and cobwebs and stuffing falling out of the sofa cushions. Everything was in perfect order!

Hurrying along, Yellow Hair found another room filled with lovely objects. A feeling of peace embraced her. It was almost like being in her own home!

There was a table and on it there were beautiful fresh cut roses on pretty wee crystal vases, and there was a romantic looking milk glass lamp with a white shade that reminded Yellow Hair of a bride's perky skirt. Yellow Hair was particularly enthralled by an old photograph of a lovely maiden. Who was she? She pondered nostalgically. The lovely maiden reminded Yellow Hair of someone she once knew, but couldn't remember who.

A growing sense of being watched overwhelmed the girl. Outside the cottage, a sudden boast of footsteps was heard on the flight of steps leading nowhere. Yellow Hair remembered seeing those very odd stairs outside the cottage when she came in, and had wondered why they were there. It was the most curious stairs she had ever seen because it consisted of only four steps that lead nowhere...

Indeed, someone was approaching!

The footsteps became louder...

Faster.... terrifying!

Stricken by fear, Yellow Hair bolted from the room and down the hall. As she looked over her shoulder she could see the most mysterious figure swathed in black...

Yellow Hair was petrified! Oh she so wanted to believe this mysterious person was the good witch! But what about if she wasn't? The woman entered the cottage. Yellow Hair could hear her mumbling some sort of a spell in the kitchen: “One tablespoon dried wormwood, three teaspoons ground nutmeg, one teaspoon powdered mandrake root, thirteen drops of pine oil....”

She was probably working on some weird spell potion. Yellow Hair was sure of that! There was a variety of complicated bottles there in the kitchen. Poisons and healing concoctions and love potions maybe? Yellow Hair saw the woman place all her ingredients in a glass jar. She gently swirled her potion in a clockwise direction, sealed the jar tightly and then took the mixture to a cool, dark place. The potion was to be let there for 13 nights and then it would had to be filtered through a cheesecloth. The woman would use this potion to anoint her candles for wish-magic, jinx-breaking and spells to attract good luck, but Yellow Hair didn't know any of this...

Yellow Hair was fascinated by all this when all of the sudden, as if she knew that Yellow Hair was spying on her all this time, the woman turned around and said: Now then now then!... don't you stand there till the tea gets cold! Come help me carry the tray down the hall and we'll have some tea". Yellow Hair couldn't do a thing other than to carry the tray down the hall as she was instructed...

And what she saw there in that room gave Yellow Hair total confidence in the woman! She was for sure the good witch she was looking for! There was a table magically filled with all sort of goods. From the china to the tablecloth to the flower arrangement, everything was just beautiful, and there were eye-appealing dishes too, such as mushroom and chestnut soup and maple-orange cloverleaf scones alongside sweet chocolate and peanut butter mousse trifles and creamy pumpkin-custard tartlets and this and that...

After the tea ceremony was over, the good witch said to Yellow Hair. “We must hurry and send you back home before nightfall”. And so, the good witch took Yellow Hair straight to the curious flight of steps that took to you "nowhere". Or so Yellow Hair thought! The sky was already turning dark, and if you would had pay close attention to details you could had seen the witches already at work through the trees, as sparks from their spells and cauldron fires filled the night sky...

"Listen well”—said the good witch. “A memory can guide you home like the arrows that say “Path” can lead you through the thickest forest to the bright clearing... do you believe this? Yellow Hair said she did and closed her eyes as the woman instructed her to do. She looked inside her head for a memory of her very dear home and the minute she did this something wonderful and magical happened! When Yellow Hair opened her eyes again she knew exactly where she was! In her garden!!

Ah yes... ah yes!! She was indeed in her garden, the happiest of place of all places!! It all had been but a bad dream! Yellow Hair remembered having fall asleep under the warm afternoon breezes. Now. Finding herself there lying down on the carpet of green of her very own garden was just pure bliss. She was safe home and there was nothing more satisfying or rewarding than that!

The End!

I'm linking this post to the Practical Magic blogger’s party going around blogland! The party starts on the 24th, but since I am busy entertaining some very dear visitors, I had to post a little bit earlier... hope you enjoyed the story!

As an addendum, I’m adding here some details about this post (which also apply to almost all of the post you’d find here), that I thought might be of interest to some of you.

I believe that a blog is an expression of one’s self, and thus I prefer to use my own photographs whenever possible. All of the images you see here are my property. Most of my stories take fly here, in my very own garden, but I immensely enjoy taking pictures of people and interesting things I see during our joyful walks in local parks and while camping. The moment I see a peculiar thing, such as the flight of stairs leading nowhere that I discovered in the middle of a campground this summer, my mind starts fantasizing a story that then becomes a new post.

Some of the people you’d see in my stories are just the lucky passerby or people that I don’t know and would probably would never see again. I just hope that these characters wont ever had the joy of finding my blog just to discover that they’ve been given a new roll in life as little gnomes and bad witches.

We visited Multnomah Falls this summer and then the beautiful Oregon Coast, where we stayed for a couple of days. Some of the lush woods and waterfalls you see here came from there...

Also, I don't know of any witch or fairy (real or unreal) that would agree posing for my stories, so if you believe you’re seeing me way too much flying in brooms or flapping fairy wings around here, please pardon my "silliness".

More sappy stories to follow!

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Sunday, September 19, 2010
I know that you, just like me, love to play house and indulge yourself on feathering your nest. In my house, I love working on pretty and practical tabletops, and especially love working on ideas to embellish our dinner table. With all the festivities ahead of us soon to come, I have already started thinking on how I want to decorate our holiday table this year. Do you know what you want to do yet? Think of pretty tablecloths, and fancy dinner plates and ribbons and raffia, and napkins and napkins holders wrapped in leaf-motif... ah, the dreaming can go on! So, for our celebration today I thought I would post some photographs of past holiday tables at the house in the roses... hope this would inspire new ideas and serve as inspiration to you, my lovely readers!

Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.

The House in the Roses

How do you feather your nest? I would love to find out! Now is the time to find joy in the little things! Share your joy below!