Turn Off The Tap To Save Water

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought that I would quickly show you several ways to save water and save green!

We could always use another reminder. And I am pretty sure that we all LOVE saving $money$!  Right?

Turn Off The Tap To Save Water

A few easy strategies. Old habits die hard, but learning to adjust your water use practices could have a decent impact on your overall water consumption. I've got a couple simple strategies that'll get you slowing the flow in no time.

Water on, water off: Don't let the water run endlessly as you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Instead, turn the tap on "half-blast" to wet your toothbrush or hands, then turn the water off while you scrub your pearly-whites or lather your skin. Turn the tap back on only when you're ready to rinse—employ the half-blast method again.

Cup-style conservation for shaving and brushing: When brushing your teeth or shaving, try using a cup. Simply fill an average glass with water (and shut the tap off when you're done). Dip your toothbrush or razor into the cup to wet it. Continue as usual, then use the cup-water to rinse.

Face-washing eco-wise: Get your face clean without gallons of water by using a washcloth. Turn the tap on briefly to wet your hands as well as your facecloth and then shut the flow off again. Apply soap to your wet hands and scrub like normal. When you're ready to rinse, use your wet cloth to remove the soap, then give it a quick rinse under the tap.

Cool down with a pitcher: If you're in need of a cold glass of water, don't run the tap until you get the desired temperature. Instead, plan ahead by filling a pitcher with water and putting it in the fridge. This way, you'll have cold water on demand without sending many, many gallons down the drain needlessly.

Water warm-up savings: If you've got to wait several minutes before your shower or tap water warms up, consider using the warm-up water for other purposes by putting a bowl or pail under the faucet. You can water your plants, rinse recyclables, or feed your pets with this otherwise wasted H2O.

Sensible shower use: If you've got a shut-off valve on your showerhead, use it to turn down or stop the water while you soap up, shave, or apply shampoo and conditioner.

I hope you found these tips as a helpful reminder!

What water saving tips do you use?

Bonnie :)

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