Kitchen love!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Hello friends! Can you believe December starts tomorrow? I can hardly believe how fast the year has gone by... another month, another year forever vanished! I like to visualize us human as sweetly folding those gone-by chapters of our lives and laying them down in a special treasure chest—a magical cofre of cherished memories if you will. But I don’t want to get sentimental here, do you? So I want to look around, and concentrate in the sweetness of home and family and dear friends. And of course, concentrate my thoughts in my kitchen! After all, it is our kitchen the place where we spend most of our time when at home; especially during this time of year.

My kitchen is not big, it does not have any special feature, like a window outlooking the garden over the sink (my dream) and for certain it is not close to flamboyant, like any of those kitchens you see in magazines and some of you are so fortunate to have. But it is my kitchen, and it is the place where warmth, thanksgivings and overflowing blessings mingle with the sweet aroma of food. So I am extra thankful for that!

(My husband making his 'special' salad dressing -- humm!)

Our kitchen is also the place where everyone gravitates during parties and get-togethers. We head to the kitchen when we’re hungry, not just for food, but for friends and family.

Our kitchen is also the place where we unwind at night with a cup of tea.

...or indulge in something out of the oven yummy, late at night while watching a movie!

When I'm old and gray, I want to have a house surrounded by a beautiful garden in the outskirt of the woods. And write. With a lot of wonderful friends, good books, music and bird songs around, and of course, a gorgeous cottage kitchen to cook and live in!

If you don’t know it yet or haven’t heard about it, we’re celebrating our KITCHENS and DINING ROOM AREA on our next SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY, and your welcome to participate! All you have to do is send me a favorite photograph of your kitchen or dinning room, and I will feature it here! Of course, you would need to link back to the house in the roses!

Click here to read more about our celebration!

PS: I'm already getting lovely pictures of kitchen/dinning area, favorite spots around the kitchen, etc, but we don't have a lot of time left, so if you're planning on participating, please start sending your photos my way as soon as possible! Thanks!


Have you been thinking about trying Shaklee?

Here is a great testimony from Taylor at 

She is sooo sweet and gives her honest opinion with her experiences with her Get Clean products in a video.

She tells us how she cleans up after her husband makes eggs and bacon with grease all over and how she got rid of all her orange mold in her shower!!!

She also wrote…

I threw out ALL of this

and now I use these Shaklee products for everything!

please dont judge me for this. hubs had just had a bad frozen pizza incident!

now I can even see through the glass window on the oven!

love my sparkling white bathroom!

no more funky orange stuff going on in the shower anymore! wohoo!

The Simasek-Kibler Project also wrote a little bit about her experience.

Here is the stove top after - look how shiny!

And, i didn't stop there...I ran to my shower while i still had the urge.  Actually, i was bored. Election coverage, thus no good TV to distract me....but took all the shower soap scum away.  SHINY.  And i used it on the surround and glass (on left)  - and all the hard water deposits came off. But i kept getting a hankering for cherry gum.

It felt so good to clean with something that wasn't harsh on your family, and yet still worked. That's been the main reason why i haven't caved to these organic, "safe" cleaners before.  They didn't work. 
After my little cleaning frenzy, i went online and ordered the surface cleaner and the germ bacterial cleaner.  (i know, i'm on a roll here. Someone stop me before i start darning socks or something silly like that).

Thanks so MUCH ladies!!!!

I LOVE hearing testimonies!

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Please let me know if you have any questions.

I have been getting emails from people wondering how to order in Canada.  You can go here to read how to do that but I recommend ordering through my downline Canadian Distributor named Bette.  You can view all of our Canadian products and pricing on her site.  The FREE MEMBERSHIP DEAL is going on through HER SITE too! 

Have a great day!


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Getting Our Tree

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Are you ready to get back on schedule?
I’m not…ha ha! 
I have been really enjoying this little break and having my husband home.
I told you here that we were going to put our tree up on Saturday.  We started putting it together when my husband decided that he wanted a real tree.  We never had a real tree before and we all got excited, took down the tree and left right away and drove to a local farm to find our perfect tree! :)
The kids were soooo excited!
2010 11 27_0845 
They seriously had a blast!!!
2010 11 27_0847 
Finding a tree was way harder than I imagined but we I finally found it.
2010 11 27_0852 
They all loved the wagon!
2010 11 27_0861   Here is our tree!!!! 
2010 11 27_0865 
Here is Scott pulling our tree in with Grace chasing behind.
2010 11 27_0868 
Getting ready for the tracker ride!
2010 11 27_0871 2010 11 27_0872 
She was sooo happy!
2010 11 27_0874 
They loved the wagon ride.
2010 11 27_0880
The farm was beautiful!
2010 11 27_0889 2010 11 27_0891 2010 11 27_0893 2010 11 27_0895 
After that, we walked around the cute shop.
2010 11 27_0900
Cute place, huh?
  2010 11 27_0902 
We ate homemade doughnuts, spiced apple cider and hot chocolate…..Yummmmy!
2010 11 27_0923 
Now the kids are really excited for Christmas!
2010 11 27_0928 
We have to finish the tree first.
2010 11 27_0931
We started the lights today but our old lights only made in up half the tree.  (Our new one is 8 1/2 feet.) So I had to go out and find new ones today and every store seemed to be out of the ones that I wanted…URGH!  I finally found some at ACE.  Anyway, be the time we finished that ordeal we had to eat dinner, finish the lights and bed, so I will add the ornaments tomorrow after school.
I will show you after that.  Grace is unbelievably excited to help me this year which makes to even more fun for me!
How was your weekend?
Do you get real trees?
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi friends! Did you all have a nice Thanksgivings Day? Did you get to cozy up in your nest surrounded by dear family and friends? Oh I hope you did!


The leaves have all fallen to the ground around here, with the exception, of course, of the ornamental pear tree, which insists in keeping all of its beautiful burgundy leaves (another garden miracle perhaps?) An awesome sight, indeed! The air has turned windy and cold (very cold in fact), and Thanksgivings was spent with family and friends over a wonderful table filled with food, adorned in white and gold…

I close my eyes and still feel the thankfulness in my heart. There’s so much to be thankful for, that one day is not enough to pause and express my gratitude for the goodness and generosity of our Creator. My heart is overflowing with thanksgivings... for life, for health, for happiness and comfort, for loved ones and friends, for family and more family to come! Yes!! And of course, thankfulness for a single tree with full limps and roses in the snow…

I know that if I tell you that the special bird I was waiting for came to visit my garden for yet another year on Thanksgivings Day, some of you might not believe me. But he did! He was here; awesome, and majestic in his own right! I was deeply moved in my heart by this... Oh God, source and giver of all things, You manifest your infinite majesty, power and goodness in the earth about us, and I give you honor and glory... Thou whose bounty fills my cup.

I am also thankful for you, for this wonderful space we all have created here in this amazing world called 'Blogland'; a warm and real place to come to and be together; a place where we can meet whenever we want, or need, and nurture other's heart and be nurtured as we share so much of ourselves…

Truly grateful. May you and yours be blessed!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!
I had a great time with my family!
We had great food (I am still stuffed)…
2010 11 25_0686
and drinks…
2010 11 25_0681
and coffee.
2010 11 25_0682
We mostly just hung out and relaxed!
2010 11 25_0683 
That’s my favorite thing…just relaxing with my family!
2010 11 25_0684
Everyone had a great time!  My mom was busy away in the kitchen since 5 AM.  (You can see her working in the background.)
2010 11 25_0685 
The kids LOVE getting together.
2010 11 25_0687
There is my younger sister and me. 
2010 11 25_0691
Here is my sister-in-law and best friend!
2010 11 25_0696 
Here is my ba-ba!
2010 11 25_0707
Here are the boys hanging out.
2010 11 25_0718 
Daddy and daughter.
2010 11 25_0721 
Here is my hubs and me!
2010 11 25_0733 
My kiddos!
2010 11 25_0739 
She is looking so  old here!
2010 11 25_0767 
The only granddaughters!
2010 11 25_0775 
He is only 3 and looks he old here.  My babies are getting too old. :(
2010 11 25_0794 
They LOVE sparkling apple cider.
2010 11 25_0796
Love him!
2010 11 25_0802 
Mt cute nephew!
2010 11 25_0806 
We had a beautiful sunset!
2010 11 25_0812
Sweeties…we loved the fire!
2010 11 25_0815 
Here is my family checking out the sale ads.
2010 11 25_0836 
Some of my family left early this morning to save like $500 on some appliances.
My sisters might go out later.
My husband and I like to shop online but we like to get my husband’s work clothes on major sale so my brother will babysit so we can get some deals.
What do you do on black Friday?
Did you find and great deals this year?
Do you head out early or shop online?
Or do totally stay away from all shopping on this crazy day?
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)