November ramblings...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There is something in the shape and color of a bottle that really attract me...

I love bottles and have collected a few of them in the last couple of years; mainly old whiskey bottles and flasks with shapes I find interesting... but I had never owned a vintage bottle in aqua before, and I'm thrilled by it! Yes, I'm a simple girl! I enjoy happy little things and love the thrill of sifting through garage and estate sales too! ;)


Bottles speak to me of the old west; saloons, brothels, traveling medicine shows, the days of Buffalo Bill and Mark Twain and the bottles that come with witches and Halloween stories... this one in particular speaks to my heart... it is the perfect recipient for a perfect rose!

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers ever! And don’t you think they just look especially dreamy in this simple, yet lovely container? Oh I think they do!


As you can see I’ve been in the mood for making desserts lately... I guess is the weather. The enchantment of fall moves me to cook, to dance, to sing under this deliciously magical serene sky... Arroz con leche, the Spanish version of rice pudding, is one of my favorite desserts ever, and it’s very easy to make too! I think I have already shared my recipe before, but you can find a lot of different versions of this recipe on the internet. My own personal trick is to add just a pinch of salt to your milks! It’s pure heaven!

Another delightful thing about November is finding reading material for those long winter days ahead... Our home, particularly our bedroom, is embellished with oodles of home and garden decorating books. I can never seem to pass a good book deal, especially if they're from the “Country Living” book collection. My latest find—“Linens and Lace”, by Tricia Foley is just totally gorgeous, and it only cost me $3.99!  

There is something in the November sky that moves me; something perfectly tender and evocative of home. At dusk, the house seems to glow under the spell of candlelight and if I look outside...

Ah, outside nature speaks softly... it speaks in a magical language understood only by the soul attuned to the eternal. A sense of eternity lingers in the crisp air of November, and I always find something of myself in this haunting season.