Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you been thinking about trying Shaklee?

Here is a great testimony from Taylor at 

She is sooo sweet and gives her honest opinion with her experiences with her Get Clean products in a video.

She tells us how she cleans up after her husband makes eggs and bacon with grease all over and how she got rid of all her orange mold in her shower!!!

She also wrote…

I threw out ALL of this

and now I use these Shaklee products for everything!

please dont judge me for this. hubs had just had a bad frozen pizza incident!

now I can even see through the glass window on the oven!

love my sparkling white bathroom!

no more funky orange stuff going on in the shower anymore! wohoo!

The Simasek-Kibler Project also wrote a little bit about her experience.

Here is the stove top after - look how shiny!

And, i didn't stop there...I ran to my shower while i still had the urge.  Actually, i was bored. Election coverage, thus no good TV to distract me....but took all the shower soap scum away.  SHINY.  And i used it on the surround and glass (on left)  - and all the hard water deposits came off. But i kept getting a hankering for cherry gum.

It felt so good to clean with something that wasn't harsh on your family, and yet still worked. That's been the main reason why i haven't caved to these organic, "safe" cleaners before.  They didn't work. 
After my little cleaning frenzy, i went online and ordered the surface cleaner and the germ bacterial cleaner.  (i know, i'm on a roll here. Someone stop me before i start darning socks or something silly like that).

Thanks so MUCH ladies!!!!

I LOVE hearing testimonies!

If you want to try these products, you can get FREE MEMBERSHIP!



$70MN (Member’s Pricing)!


I am so excited because this a AWESOME DEAL!!!

A membership gets you 15% OFF ALL SHAKLEE PROUCTS and there is no minimum to maintain it.  The membership usually costs $19.95.

This special does not happen often and this is a great time to save money right before the holidays!

A Get Clean Starter Kit would qualify for the FREE MEMBERSHIP.

If you are planning on ordering the starter kit, I recommend adding a Scour Off  and Basic G

That is everything you need to clean your whole house top to bottom including laundry!!!

Remember that these products make excellent Christmas gifts!  Really they do!!!


Please let me know if you have any questions.

I have been getting emails from people wondering how to order in Canada.  You can go here to read how to do that but I recommend ordering through my downline Canadian Distributor named Bette.  You can view all of our Canadian products and pricing on her site.  The FREE MEMBERSHIP DEAL is going on through HER SITE too! 

Have a great day!


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