A Healthier Mac ‘n Cheese

Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 08 14_8521

Do your kids like Mac & Cheese?

I buy it for my kids every once in a while.  I usually hate giving them processed food but I found a way to make Macaroni & Cheese a little healthier.

2010 08 14_8518 

After I make the Macaroni & Cheese, I add a can of corn and tuna for extra protein and fiber.

I am not kidding, my kids LOVE it!

(Ok, I like it too!)

2010 08 14_8519 

It is so easy, quick and cheap to make.  Gotta love that!

2010 08 14_8520

Then I add fruit,  veggies and  cheese for a complete meal! 

  2010 08 14_8522 

This is how I turn Mac & Cheese into a healthy meal that my kids seriously love.

2010 08 14_8523

This might look like a lot of food for a 5 or 3 year old, but not only did my kids eat all of this, they even asked for more. 

  2010 08 14_8525

I really try to give my family  fresh fruit and veggies with every meal.

How do you turn a “kiddish” food into a healthy meal?

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)

Even though we eat as healthy as we can, we still supplement our diet.

I give my kids Shaklee’s all natural children’s supplements.  They are the world’s best!