Three Best Legit Pet Care Home Based Businesses to Start

Friday, August 31, 2012
You are looking to make money from home and you love animals. We think that is a great combination for a home based venture. Here are our picks for the three best legit pet care home based businesses to start.

1) Pet Grooming - This option to work at home with pets will take the greatest capital and skill, by far. There will be a need for the basic understanding of cutting and grooming animals. You will also be investing quite a bit on a location and the implements of your trade. There will be a certain amount of liability insurance you will need. Be sure to consult the local Chamber of commerce and various governmental agencies for the legal requirements of this type of business. There may be some zoning factors involved with this and the next option. But if you love to create and enjoy working with animals, this might be a good opportunity for you.

2) Pet Sitting - With today's lifestyles and the closeness to family of the pets, many people do not want to leave their animals unattended during the day or while they are out of town. That is where your service meets the needs of your customers. The business will require less layout if you offer the service at the homes of your clients. The animals will be happier in their normal environment as well. You can duplicate the income by providing a location for several clients to drop their animals off. You main service would be safety of the pet, followed closely by feeding, watering, and exercise. You can require the clients provide feed and toys for their pets to keep the cost to you down.

3) Dog Walking - This business would be good to earn extra income and get some exercise at the same time. You will be walking your client's animals at least once per day and maybe more. Keeping the clients closer to home will allow you to services them faster. You might want to get a multi-dog leash to be able to multiply your efforts. As long as all the pets get along; you will be maximizing your time and profits. This would also be a great choice for high school or college aged kids.
Whichever choice you make, these are our recommendations for three best legit pet care home based businesses to start. Your next step will be marketing your new venture and we can help with that.