A winter wonderland - My world today

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Another winter storm blew through our area bringing more snow and white frigid air along....

Streets, rivers and valleys are hidden under the purest of white,
and in the far distance you can see the hills dressed in sparkling diamonds...
like a bride before the altar at her wedding day...

Snow has veiled the garden. White white white….
White saturates every corner of it, impairing my vision.

This afternoon, I wanted to paint the garden…
like a painter before her clean canvas;
bring in the reds of the Fragrant Cloud,
the pinks of the Chicago Peace and
the purples of the tall delphiniums…

But it is winter, and white is the predominant color.

I can't say that I was all that disappointed though.
The garden was
a peaceful sight.
I could even feel the presence of angels watching over it….

And see fairies hiding behind bushes with snow cones on their heads...

The birds were having a party to which, naturally, I was invited.

They were making such a pleasant racket around the bird feeders
Fresh snow and new goodies in every food station
certainly make happy birds

Ah yes, let is snow... but only when I'm at home
Nothing like watching the snow from the cozyness of home!

Is it snowing in your part of the world?
Do you like, or dislike winter?
I would love to hear your story.