An Organized Kitchen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 01 19_2476

Since January seems to be “organization” month.  I thought that I would show you how I organize my kitchen.  First, I hate a cluttered kitchen because that’s where I spend most of my time and I need the space.  During the day, my counters get full of food, paper, snacks, cutting boards, books, laundry, markers, paint, crayons, glue, bottles, barrettes, etc. so I need space to put them.  If I have too much on the counters,  I feel squished!   I only have a few decorations which I am always switching out and the only small appliance that I keep on the counter is toaster oven because we use it all the time.  When we got married, we chose not to use a microwave for health reasons so we heat up all our food in the toaster oven.  The rest of my small appliance are kept in my cabinets.

Here are some more pictures of our kitchen.

2010 01 19_2477 2010 01 19_2479  2010 01 19_2481 2010 01 19_2490 2010 01 19_2507  2010 01 19_2509 2010 01 19_2512

Here is my pantry.

 2009 11 10_1180

I organized it my pantry with Tupperware modular mates.  I love them!!!  They fit perfectly.  I like having clear containers so I can see what’s in it and I know if we are getting low.  I also labeled each one until my labeler stopped working. 

2009 11 10_1187

2009 11 10_1186

2009 11 10_1185

2009 11 10_1184

2009 11 10_1188

I hide my aprons in the corner.

2009 11 10_11892009 11 10_1190

2009 11 10_1181

Don’t forget your fire extinguisher!  Every kitchen needs one!!!

2009 11 10_1182

I also keep a lock on the door!   It helped for a couple of weeks until they learned how to open it.

2009 11 10_1197

Here is my “baker’s corner” cabinet.  I keep most of my baking supplies and mixes here.  I also keep my mixing bowls and hand mixer close by.  I don’t like going all around the kitchen looking for something.  That way everything that I need is right there.

2009 11 16_1136

I also went through my pots and pans.   I am only keeping what I really need.  Why do I have like 20 pots?  I keep all of my pans under the stove in the drawer so I can have more room for my pots in the cabinet.

2009 11 23_1095

I took out a shelf and now I can stand up my cutting boards, baking sheets, muffin trays, cooling racks, etc.

2010 01 20_2553

I got rid of all this…

 2009 11 23_1104

and turned it into this….

2010 01 20_2576

I decided to go all Pyrex.  I love it!!!  It is way easier to find thing and now I keep the lid on so I don’t loose it. It is way easier to heat things heat in the toaster oven too!

So, I hope that you liked my kitchen! I will show you the rest later.  How do you organize?

Bonnie :)