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Thursday, July 22, 2010





It’s giveaway time!  I feel like I haven't done one of these in a while so it is time!

I think that you all know by now, I am a Shaklee Distributor.  You might of seen some of the Shaklee reviews and giveaways around blog world lately.  I just want to let you know that I LOVE sharing these products with you.  I absolutely love opening my email to find a testimony and a thank you for letting them know about Shaklee.  That means more to me than you will ever know.  I love sharing safe products to families especially with young children!  Many women are thanking me that they can now clean in the day and they don’t have to wait until the children are in bed to keep them away from the chemicals an saving money at the same time.  Some women have also said that the can’t imagine cleaning with anything else now and they are hooked on these products. 

I also want to address something else… I have been getting emails from women asking my how my house stays so clean.  I have to honestly say that it doesn’t stay clean.  I wish that it stayed clean at all times, but I have kids!  I have a schedule that I keep to, but no matter how much I try, having 3 children 5 and under,  it get messy and dirty over and over again, lol!

That is why I am so thankful myself to have found Shaklee too!!!  With all of the cleaning I do,  I am glad that I am using safe products that are cheaper and good for the environment.


I am about to reveal all to you here!  I am going to show you A LOT of before and after pictures so (a) you can see how AWESOME these natural, cheap products work and (b) my how my house does get messy.  I will also tell you what I did and which products that I used.


This first before and after is obviously my oven door.  I took a wet sponge and dipped it into my Scour Off Paste and scrubbed for about 5 minutes…..and…….

2010 06 11_4750

  it turned out beautiful!!!  Just like new, without any harsh fumes (oven cleaners are one of the worst for your health) and it only took 5 minutes!!!!

2010 06 11_4752

Here is my fridge. I have no clue how it got this bad.  My kids are learning to get there own water this summer and they are always making a mess with the water, plus, if I don’t keep it locked, my 18 month old can push the water button and make a huge mess and FAST!!!

 2010 06 11_4749

I just sprayed this with my all-purpose formula of Basic H and wipe with my window and mirror micro-fiber cloth.

2010 06 11_4753

Here is another example of doing the same thing on my dishwasher.  Basic H work awesome on stainless steal and it leaves no residue.

 2010 06 12_4720 2010 06 12_4721 

Ok, here is my kitchen table after a party with a lot of kids (we have those often.)

2010 05 25_4264

I just sprayed my degreaser formula of Basic H and wiped with my all purpose  micro-fiber cloth.

2010 05 25_4267

That turned out great except now you can see that I need to paint over that cup mark, lol.

I did the same thing on this chair.  Basic H is totally safe to use on furniture and painted furniture.

2010 05 25_4265

I does a great job of cutting grease.

 2010 05 25_4266

   Ok, this is a little embarrassing!!! I was in my bathroom getting ready and the kids were quiet….I little too quiet, so I opened the door to find my boys drawing on my chair with a PEN.   ARGH!!!!

2010 05 28_4057

So I sprayed my degreaser formula of Basic H and let sit…..

2010 05 28_4058

  and wiped and it ALL came out perfectly.  Basic H is safe to use on fabrics.

2010 06 25_5280

Here is a picture of both so you know that I didn’t just switch the chairs, lol!

 2010 06 25_5281

This is another example of Basic H on wood.   (It also works GREAT on HARDWOOD FLOORS-see here for pics)

 2010 07 12_7255 

I just sprayed all-purpose Basic H and wiped down with my all-purpose micro-fiber cloth.

2010 07 12_7256

Basic H works GREAT on windows, mirrors and glass.  Do you see how foggy this lamp is here?

2010 07 18_7510  

I sprayed with my windows and mirrors formula of Basic H and wiped with my super window/mirror microfiber cloth and it turned out beautifully!  I can also make a gallon of window cleaner with Basic H for LESS than 1 cent!!!!

2010 07 18_7517

         Here is  a picture of my sink with a huge rust stain on it.  Yup, I came home from my vacation to Canada to find that I left my cast iron pan in the sink.  It was there for a WHOLE week.  I had the whole house spotless before we left, don’t ask me how I forgot this one!  Anyway, Scour Off was there to save my day (and my sink!)  I did have to scrub a little harder than normal but it only took a couple of minutes until it looked like…..

2010 07 10_7324

this!!!!  Look at it shine now!!!!

 2010 07 10_7325   

Here is a full view, if you look carefully, you can see the Scour Off that I used.

2010 07 10_7329



Soak the Impossible.

¼ cup Fresh Liquid Laundry and
¼ cup Nature Bright Laundry Booster

Mix in a pail of hot water, add your soiled items and let soak up to 5 days!

Try it; it’s amazing and completely safe even for fabrics which are not supposed to be washed like the wedding gown.

Recipe for a Shaklee Drain Cleaner


1 oz Basic H2
1 Tbsp Scour Off
1 Tbsp Dish Wash Concentrate
1 Gal Water

Boil 1 cup of water-add first 3 ingredients-pour contents into a clogged drain-follow up with approximately 1
gallon of water.

New Uses for Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets.

A new dryer sheet can be used for dusting or a used one can be put on the Swifter Duster to pick up dirt and dust. (Very economical with double usage and safer for you than Swifter products).

I love new cleaning tips, don’t you?


I am GIVING AWAY BASIC H2 samples to 10  PEOPLE!!!!!

I am giving away enough Basic H2 to make two bottles of powerful cleaner when diluted in 16 ounces of water.

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Good Luck!


Bonnie :)

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