How to Organize Your Children’s Schoolwork

Thursday, June 2, 2011
2011 06 02_5395
Well, it is that time of year… you know, when school ends!  I am excited and sad at the same time!!!
Today, I am going to show you how I organized all my daughter’s school papers.
Welcome to Week 14 of our Organize your Life series!
Organize your LIFE
I am following the book Organize Now!  for my weekly posts but today (because school ends tomorrow),  I will show you what I did this week instead of my weekly challenge.
2011 03 09_2936
I already showed you here, how I keep a file for each child.  Each day, when Grace brought home her work,  I would hang them on the fridge.  After that, I would save them in her file.
2011 03 14_3051 
Yesterday, she brought  home a bag of artwork and worksheets from school so I thought we would make our binder.
I took out everything that I had and we got to work!
2011 06 01_5372 2011 06 01_5373 2011 06 01_53752011 06 01_5378 2011 06 01_5380 2011 06 01_5381 2011 06 01_5382 
I picked up some sheet protectors (to protect her work) and a new binder.
2011 06 01_5383 
We started to fill the sheets.
2011 06 01_5384 
It was a lot of fun looking through everything! :)
2011 06 01_5385 
I LOVED this Mother’s Day Poem that her class made for us Moms! :)
2011 06 01_5386 
Grace really liked helping me and looking at all  of her work too!
2011 06 01_5387 
Since her favorite color is pink, we used pink scrapbook paper to decorate the binder.
I also printed out a K (for kindergarten) and her name.
2011 06 02_5395 
Now, we have a nice binder to look at.
2011 06 02_5397 
I love this one picture…
2011 06 02_5398
Grace LOVES her book and she has looked at it a million times already, ha!
My challenge for you this week is to make a keepsake binder, box or something like that for your children/grandchildren’s school work and post to here! 
I can’t wait to see them! :)
Please post up your organizing project of the week below!
Organize your life

Have a great day! :)