This and that...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Some days, I wake up craving certain colors... just like that, as I open my sleepy eyes the colors would pop out of the blue in my mind... vibrant oranges, guava pinks, dusty purples. Today, I had seafoam greens in my mind.

Have you ever noticed how certain colors tend to light up a place while others make it look dull and lifeless? Are we humans like that too?—umm, I wonder.

We bought a new Keuring coffee machine. No Clean Up and No Hassle! All you have to do is insert the pre-measured portions K-Cup and throw when finished. So I have ensemble my own little coffee shop in a corner of my kitchen…. This little coffee station gets used a lot. I should have a sign made for it that reads Sweet and Jittery! This morning I made me an awesome cup of mocha on the extra sweeter side, of course, and went to sit in the garden...

What’s awesome to you? What's awesome to me is the simplest of things like sitting out in my garden in the beautiful sunshine listening to the songs of birds, breathing the fresh air and realizing I am a part of all that is.

I’m so loving these old jars! Old discarded jars from thrift stores rescued and embellished by a touch of romance! Aren’t they lovely! They’re my favorite vases for my roses right now. Love the cottage feel they bring to every room.

Pruning day means lush bouquets… the magnificent Bonica shrub got its turn this time. So I made a bouquet for our master room out of pruned branches. Lovely!

I love making tiny bouquets and setting them all over the house! Doesn't take a lot of blooms to make a space beautiful! All these gorgeous roses, even rose petals, bring in their incredible beauty and energy...

They set my heart aglow!