~ White Favorites ~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've been gathering up pieces of white dishes...

Things I already had,

like cups and teacups, tureens, pitchers, platters, creamers,

sugars, teapots and coffee pots...

And what for, you may ask?

To embellish my new cupboard, of course! 

Oh yes, a long time dream of mine has finally came true,

and on a budget-friendly price too. 

From World Market.

Love love love it!

One by one I collected the pieces and placed them sparingly in the cupboard... didn't want to put too may stuff there... I have this phobia of turning my house a bit like a museum ;) Less is more is my motto. These are the everyday stuff; kitchen utensils and things we use on a daily basis. Everything get to be used. Easy to find. Easy to get. Wish I have some nice large open shelves in-place of traditional upper cabinets, but this would have to do for now...


A few blooms from the garden... I love simple.

Have a wonderful week friends!