Shop From Home

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
If you want to shop from home then that's what you should do. I started shopping from home 10 years ago and other than a few late parcels I have never had a problem.
So hopefully you will put your mind at ease when it comes to shopping online.  Companies like Amazon and EBay would go out of business in about 2 minutes if their site wasn't secure and people were able to steal personal information like credit card numbers.
In all honesty I think people are more scared of the internet when they want to shop from home.  Most people have no trouble giving out their private payment info when it comes to ordering pizza or something.  Well in that case you are usually handing your info to an under paid person who probably thinks of ways to actually use your credit card.
You also need to know that when you shop from home you are basically taking the ball into your court.
1.     No fighting crowds. 2.     No fighting traffic. 3.     Shop anytime you want.
There are numerous other reasons but one of the biggest is the money you can save.  Shopping at eBay you can usually find great deals.  Then you throw in a free eBay coupon code and the dollar signs are in your bank account and not someone elses.
Times have changed.  While there is still a huge demand and need for retail outlets even they know the internet is the place.  If you look around at almost every large retail outlet you will notice they have online shopping as well. If that doesn't tell you something then I'm not sure what really does.
So now you know that if you want to shop from home you really shouldn't let small fears get in your way.