The Day we got a House Full of FREE Furniture

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am really excited about this post,  I just have to tell you an awesome story about how we got a whole house full of furniture and accessories!!!!

Well,  first I have to tell you some history.

My Mother-in-Law moved to Iraq (for work) about 6 years ago and sold her house and everything it.  Being married only a year at that point, Scott and I took everything that we needed.   If you are just following me and don’t know by now,  I like  a great deal and love FREE!!! 

Anyway, she moved back a couple of years ago and furnished her whole house with awesome brand new everything.  I am talking Pier One, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, The Great Indoors, etc.


she decided to move back to Iraq.


she doesn’t need all of that new furniture!

Does she?

So we gladly helped her out by taking it off her hands!!!!! Right? Lol.

Scott flew to Colorado (where she lived), packed up her WHOLE house, packed up the biggest  U-Haul van there is and drove it back to Chicago (where we live) by himself.   What a honey!

When he got back home, this is what I saw….

2010 02 27_1367

I know that it is hard to see in the picture, but it was LOADED!

My family came to look at my new goodies, help unload and re-decorate my home! 

I really needed help!  This was harder than just moving in because it was like two houses in one.  I couldn’t just put something where I wanted it.  I had to move what I already had.  Not easy, but TOTALLY fun!

Here are some pics of the day.

2010 02 28_1245

That is our new king headboard.  

2010 02 28_1246 

Here is my bedroom in transformation.

 2010 02 28_1251

Here is my mom and brother helping Scott with the new guest room bed.

2010 02 28_1253

Here is my new armoire.  It comes with a 42 inch flat screen,  score! 

2010 02 28_1257

Here is the headboard in place.  

2010 02 28_1258

Here is one of our new nightstands.

2010 02 28_1259

Everyone was working so hard.  Thanks everyone!

2010 02 28_1262

When I said that my Mother-in-Law gave us everything,  I mean EVERYTHING!!!

We got all of her new everyday and fancy Crate and Barrel dishes that I love along with every other thing you can imagine.

2010 02 28_1264 

Here is our new dining room with a dinning table.  And look at those cute lamps!

 2010 02 28_1266

We had a lot of unpacking to do!  So fun for me!

2010 02 28_1267

That was the last box.  Man, did they work hard (and fast, there was a game starting that they didn’t want to miss.)

2010 02 28_1268


2010 02 28_1269

But rhen our house, basement and garage were packed.

2010 02 28_1270 2010 02 28_1271

Here are the guys taking a little break on our new  sectional couch.

2010 02 28_1274

Now the game is on, haha!

2010 02 28_12882010 02 28_1287


2010 02 28_1289

Now, the REAL work begins!!!!

Us girls had to put it all away.  Or at least as much as we could that night.

2010 02 28_1306

We had to organize and go through my entire kitchen and decide who stuff we were going to keep.  Oh, decisions!

2010 02 28_1307 2010 02 28_1308 2010 02 28_1309

What a mess!

2010 02 28_1310

We just cleaned our basement and now it looks like this.

2010 03 13_1649 2010 03 13_1650 2010 03 13_1651

She had a lot of dishes.

2010 03 13_1652

She gave us two big flat screen TVs and one little one.   We should not of bought ours, right?

2010 03 13_1653 2010 03 13_1654

Lots of bar stools.

2010 03 13_1655 2010 03 13_1656

I brand new patio set and other brand new items.

2010 03 13_1657

A new treadmill.

2010 03 13_1658 2010 03 13_1659 2010 03 13_1660 2010 03 13_1661

Here is another leather chair (folded) that I really wanted to replace the one we had (I showed you it in this post) but Scott still refuses to give up his big one.

2010 03 13_1662

And just a whole bunch of other stuff, way to much to mention. 

2010 03 13_1664 2010 03 13_1665 2010 03 13_1666 2010 03 13_1667 2010 03 13_1668

So, that is how we got a whole house of free furniture.

We are really appreciative and thankful for everything that we have!

Thank you mom for EVERYTHING!!!  We really love it!!!!

And thanks family for helping us unload and organize.

Bonnie :)

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