Super Easy and Healthy Salad Recipe from Trader Joe’s

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love Trader Joe’s!!!!  My kids love Trader Joe’s!!!!  My husband loves Trader Joe’s!!!!  We do pretty much all of our shopping there.  Beside’s the great food, I love the staff and based on how much my family buys there, I think they love us too!  Everyone is so friendly and they are always telling me new recipes and I am glad they do because if they didn’t recommend that I buy red quinoa, corn and chile salsa and feta dressing, I wouldn’t of made this awesome new salad.  They told me that an employee made up this new recipe and said it was tasty.  Of course, I am the biggest sucker and bought it all.  I tried it that weekend when we went to a party.  I like bringing healthy new dishes so this worked well.

It is the easiest salad EVER!

Here are the ingredients!!!!

2010 05 08_3518


That’s it….

Organic Red Quinoa (1 box)

Corn and Chile Tomato-less Salsa  (1 jar)

Greek Style Feta Dressing  (1 bottle)

I just cooked the quinoa according to the directions and then added  added the other two ingredients.

It was an unusual mix that turned out great!  Everyone at the party kept telling me how much they liked it.

I will defiantly be making it again!

2010 05 09_3699

If you like quinoa, I would recommend that you try this!

Have a great day!!!


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