Spring Clean your Vehicle

Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010 05 01_3497

How is your spring cleaning going?

I am pretty much done and it feels great!!!!

I love the fact  that I cleaned every inch of the home, dusted everything, organized the house and had a garage sale.


There was one thing on my list that I really didn’t want to do. 

I wait until I absolutely had to and then it was so disgusting, it is…………


First, I got a empty laundry basket and filled to full with junk from the van.  We had books, wrappers, bottles, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.  The basket was overflowing!  I know, I admit, it was a TOTALL mess!

Then, I got out my vacuum.  We have a shop vac. but my dyson works better. I then took out all mats and vacuumed the mats and the van.

2010 05 01_3491  2010 05 01_3493

I used my hose to get in the tight places and the seats.  I even had to vacuum in the cup holders.

2010 05 01_3492

Then, I brought out my all-purpose Basic H spray bottle and my Basic H wipes.

2010 05 01_3489 2010 05 01_3490

Next, I sprayed the Basic H on the really bad parts to let it sit for a couple  of minutes. (you will be grossed out)

Then I wiped down everything the my wipes.  I mean EVERYTHING; the leather seats, the consol, the cup holders, the DVD player, the radio, the driver’s wheel, the dashboard, door handles, etc.

It made everything look new again!!!

2010 05 01_3488     2010 05 01_3494

Here are some before and after pictures.


2010 05 01_3475 2010 05 01_3483

I know that I am always telling you how much I LOVE basic H, but this time, I even impressed myself because I thought that I would of have to scrub at least a  couple of minutes.  I was clean in like 30 seconds! I like that because, obviously from the looks of things, I hate cleaning out my van.

Read here about other Basic H uses.

This also really impressed me because I have no clue what kind of scuff mark that is but I got it out. 

2010 05 01_34772010 05 01_3481

That did take a couple of minutes of scrubbing but I got it out.  I thought that was going to be one of those marks that would never come out.  Seriously, after 2 minutes it was gone!  I can get used to clean out this thing.  Kind of, not really.

This next picture is of my daughter’s cup holder.  Don’t ask me what this sticky mess is!

2010 05 01_3478  2010 05 01_3480 

Again, that took like 30 seconds.

Here is another backseat cup holder.

2010 05 01_3476

After 10 seconds, in looked like this.

  2010 05 01_3485

Then, I washed all the windows.

After that I recycled my wipes and put away the vacuum.

So, in about 30 minutes, I gave my van a spring cleaning!  Only 30 minutes!!!

Oh wait, I still had to put away all the junk from in the van. That was the hardest part.

I know using my Basic H really helped me  and I didn’t have to spray any chemicals into my van while cleaning.

I still have to shampoo the van carpet and wash the outside with Basic H.

Here is how it looks now.

     2010 05 01_3495  2010 05 01_3497 2010 05 01_3498 2010 05 01_35012010 05 01_3499 

What do you think?

Do you ever let your vehicle get that bad?

How often do you clean your vehicle out?

Is there something that you have been putting off cleaning?

Bonnie :)

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