Twice Owned Tuesday Party #4

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to my 4th Twice Owned

Tuesday Party!!!!


First off,  I want to thank everyone who joined in last week.

Check out the Twice Owned Queens!!!!

Next, I want to say that when I was working on my last week’s Twice Owned party my Live Write was having problems and I had to re-write that post like a billion times so….. finally the last time, I left most of the words out.

I received A LOT of questions about how much I paid for everything.  The most expensive thing that I showed you was the brand new fan and I talked them down to 30 bucks from 50!!!  The next expensive thing was my picnic table for my kids at $20.  (They had $25, I talked them down again, heehee)  After those items, the rest of the stuff ranged between FREE and $6 each!!!  That’s right!!!  I got all of that awesome stuff for CHEAP!!!  I really like bargaining too!  I hope that answers your questions.

I had a another great weekend of sales this week….


let the party begin!

I found some great home decor at a Interior Decorator’s house.  She had awesome things…..I little higher priced than I would of liked, but she had quality items!  I also went to another huge neighborhood garage sale.

Here is what I got!

 2010 05 14_3604

This awesome tray was $4.

2010 05 14_3605

This lime tree was only $4 and the price tag showed $47….so I got a deal!

 2010 05 14_3606

2010 05 14_3637

These pictures were $5 for both and they both had stickers on the back for $25 each…..score!

 2010 05 14_3607

These awesome heavy fruity things were $8 for both.  I am thinking about spray painting them ORB!

2010 05 14_3608

These Pottery Barn candle sticks were $15 for all.  I am thinking……black spray paint.

2010 05 14_3609

2010 05 14_3638 

This bird cage was $8 and the bird can come off so I can switch up the decor with the seasons.

2010 05 14_3610

I found these 10 lamp shade to go with the light fixtures that I got the other week.  I got them all for $5.

2010 05 14_3611


This tree was only $4.

 2010 05 14_3612

These lamps were so cute and only $10 for both!

 2010 05 14_3613

I have an obsession with large clocks and it was only $8 with a sticker for $39.99

 2010 05 14_3614

2010 05 14_3639

Then, I found my best find of the day!!!!  It was love at first sight.  This huge light fitxer.  I know, I just bought some a couple of weeks ago but……

I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!  They had $50 on it but I asked for $30 and they said yes!!!!  It can never hurt to ask!!!!

2010 05 14_3615Do you think it will be too big?  I kinda do, but I don’t care….I want it up there, lol! 


2010 05 14_3617 2010 05 14_3618 2010 05 14_3619 2010 05 14_3620

I have not been showing you the kids stuff I have been finding so I thought that I would today. Everything was super cheap!

 2010 05 14_3621

What do you think???

Now, it’s your turn…..I can’t wait to see what you got!

Bonnie :)

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