Closet Organization, De-cluttering and Expanding

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We are starting the year off with a BIG organizing bang here at the Donahue’s house!!





We are busy doing a lot of crazy things around here actually!  We are having our basement remodeled too amongst other things but I wanted to share what we are doing to our master closet.  I showed you here how I thought our closet was organized.  haha!  I laugh now because it looks so messy to me now!  I am slowly turning into a minimalist and loving it!  I still have a lot to simplify but I am working on it.

We started by going through EVERYTHING in our whole closet!  We made keep, garbage and donate piles.

Eventually, our closets looked like this…


My side is on the right and Scott’s side is on the right!

2011 12 26_9506

This is my side.

2011 12 26_9507

2011 12 26_95082011 12 26_9509

This is the little divider wall.

2011 12 26_95102011 12 26_95122011 12 26_9515

This is my hubby’s side. 

(Never mind that hole in the wall, we thought we heard a mouse so we put a trap in the wall but never found anything.)

2011 12 26_95162011 12 26_9517

This is what our room looked like, lol! (I took these pics at night when the kiddos were asleep.)

2011 12 26_9518

We still have way to much.

2011 12 26_95202011 12 26_95212011 12 26_9522

We are going to expand our closet to double it’s size.  Now, I will say, that I do agree that this is a little over the top but my husband really wanted to do this.  Our closet backs up into our attic and it is just wasted space so I thought why not.

I will keep you updated with the progress.

So far, I took a huge load over the Goodwill and I am looking into closet organizers. 

2011 12 27_9505

I pinned some cool ones here.


Have you ever done anything like this?

How do you organize your closets?

Please leave a link if you posted about it!!!

Have a great day!


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