A Guest Room Re-Do for only $99.00

Monday, March 8, 2010
I re-did my guest room!!! I used to have a more country look,  like and bed and breakfast.  I wanted a change and I am really happy about it.  And I did it all under………….$100.  It was ONLY $99.00 to be exact!!!!!
Here is the Before.
Here are some Afters.
I moved the bed, got so new furniture and accessories.
2010 02 25_0665
2010 02 25_0660
Another Before
Another After
2010 02 25_0664
The comforter  was “brand” new from a garage sale for only $10.00  I still need to get more pillows.
2010 02 25_0660
I spent the most on the curtain rod, but I still got a great deal!  It was regularly $60 from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  But, it was on sale and I brought in a coupon in so I got it for only $25!!!  It was amazing!!!  I left the store giggling to myself at the steal!  I love it!!!
The curtain was free because I made it with fabric that I already had.
2010 02 25_0691
I used the same lamp but I the nightstand was only $5.00.
2010 02 25_0678
It has a great shelf for magazines!
2010 02 25_0679
The dresser was  free!!!  My mom got it for me at a garage sale (she taught me how to garage sale).
I got the mirror for only $5. (I am going to paint it soon.)
2010 02 25_0680
I love the details!
2010 02 25_0681
2010 02 25_0683
I added new hardware for only $12.00.
2010 02 25_0682
   The lamp and frame were $2 each and the money tree was $4.
2010 02 25_0685
Look at that face!!!
2010 02 25_0686
I already had the garbage can…cute!
2010 02 25_0692
I used the same shelf (it’s actually a mantel, but I needed a shelf.)
2010 02 25_0695
I added a frame that was only $2.00 and a picture that was $8.00.  I don’t love it but it will do for now.
2010 02 25_0694
I added some flowers for $4.00.
 2010 02 25_0693
I love this chair…..it was $20 from a garage sale (it was brand new, I got 2, YAY!)
2010 02 25_0696
My sister painted this headboard black for me.  Love it!  It looks way better black. 
2010 02 25_0698
Look and the details!
2010 02 25_0699
She also painted my mirror black. Free!!!
   2010 02 25_0675 2010 02 25_0676
Again, here is the before
And here is the after
2010 02 25_0660
So there you go, a room re-do for only $99.00.
Yes!!!  Under $100!!!!!!
Actually, I  sold the old dresser for $25, so it was really like $74.00.  You can’t beat that!
You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big change!!!! 
How do you like the new and improved guest bedroom?
Bonnie ;)

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