An Organized Kitchen (part 2)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have been busy with SPRING CLEANING and organizing my kitchen lately!  I showed you here how I started organizing kitchen and here how I deep cleaned my refrigerator and  now I am almost done! 

I reorganized my dishes.  It is not really a big deal,  I wanted everything together and close to my dishwasher.  (The cabinet is directly about it.)

On the top, I put some margarita,  martini  and champagne glasses (laying down).  The second down,  I put all types of wine glasses.  (I only put 6 glasses of each kind in the cabinet.  The rest I put in the basement.  This really saves space in my kitchen.  How often do you really use that many at a time?)  On the third down, short and tall glasses, mugs and big bowls.  On the bottom shelf, I put big plates, coffee cups, bowls and smaller plates.

2010 03 01_1233

Here are some close ups.

2010 03 01_12362010 03 01_1237

2010 03 01_12382010 03 01_12352010 03 01_12392010 03 01_12342010 03 01_12402010 03 01_1241

I also organized some of my drawers.  I put those nice liners down and put everything back exactly where it belongs.  I also got rid of a TON of things.  (I will show you how I go through things when I show you how I get ready to have a garage sale.)

2010 03 01_1228 2010 03 01_1229

I don’t like to keep my knives on the counter, so I have a drawer for all the sharp knives.  The kids know not to go in there.

2010 03 01_1232

I also organized a couple other drawers.  This one is just for my oven mitts, cleaning cloths, drain stopper and magic eraser.

2010 03 18_1785

This drawer is for wash cloths and kitchen towels.  When I was going through my cloths and towels, I realized that I didn’t really like them and I didn’t think that they really matched my kitchen.  They were mostly greens and reds.  So I just had to go to target and get all new ones.  Now, that looks way better.  Don’t you think? 

2010 03 18_1787

In the cabinet,  I rearranged everything and got rid of several things.  I can’t wait to have my annual garage sale.  My basement is piling up already!!!

2010 03 01_1242 

It feel so good to get organized!!!

Now, I am going to continue organizing my whole house.  I have been really busy around here!

I hope that you have a great week!

Bonnie :)

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