An Organized Bathroom

Saturday, March 20, 2010

As part of my SPRING CLEANING,  I organized my master bathroom cabinet and drawers.  This was a BIG job for me because my kids  love going through all my stuff and messing it up.   I never put the safety locks on them yet so now Matthew loves to play with my stuff.  I usually let him so I can put on my make-up.  Priorities, right? LOL!

Anyway, my cabinets and drawers got really unorganized.  I started out by taking everything out of their containers and washed them out.

2010 03 12_1673

Then I organized our top drawer.   Wow!  So organized!!!!  I love it!

2010 03 12_1675

Here is our toothbrushes, floss and our  baking soda in the container.  (We use baking soda instead of toothpaste- we have been doing it for years.   We have no cavities, white teeth and it is sooo cheap.  And the kids actually like it better than toothpaste if you can believe it!)

2010 03 12_1674 

Here is my eye make-up remover, deodorant, enfutox, (helps prevent wrinkles) and my scalp treatment (I need this because I lost a lot of hair after having a baby).  I love these products!!!

2010 03 12_1676

In this container, I have some of my facial products including,  my morning repair cream, eye treatmentcalming complexmineral masque and acne cream.

2010 03 12_1677

In this container I have my night cream (this stuff is the best), purifying toner and purifying gel.

2010 03 12_1678

Here is my husband’s contacts and cleaner, scissors, tweezers, clippers etc.

2010 03 12_1679

Here is our second drawer where we keep our hair cutting supplies, (I cut everyone’s hair except mine, my sister cuts mine) q-tips, lotion, rubbing alcohol,  peroxide (I wash my mouth out with that and love it) hair stuff, etc.

2010 03 13_1648

This is our bottom drawer where I keep my hair products.  I use a BaByliss blow dryer and straightener (love them-totally worth the money).  I keep my finishing spray, moose, and big sexy hair in one compartment along with some clips and combs.  I also keep my brushes in that drawer.

2010 03 12_1680

Here is our left cabinet.  It is full of feminine products, contacts, first aid, etc.

2010 03 12_1681

Here is our right cabinet filled with bath toys, Basic H, Basic G, wash cloths and towels.

2010 03 13_1646

So there it is,  my organized master bathroom.  I feel great about!!!!  Waking up and walking into my bathroom is a lot more relaxing now because it is ORGANIZED!!!!  I feel like I can breathe!!!!  Now, I just have keep the kids away.  Lol.  I will be bringing toys in there to keep Matthew busy while I beautify myself, heehee!

How did I do?  How do you organize your bathroom?


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