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Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 02 27_1313

Here is my second favorite room in our house.  (The first being our kitchen.)   I love this room because that is were we spend so much of our time.  We play with toys, play games, do puzzles, read,  entertain and watch TV or movies.  We feel comfortable here and I think that others do to!

2010 02 27_1315

I got everything in this room while being on a TIGHT budget!  I am going to show you how you can “Design on a Dime”.  (I love that show!)

Well,  I am really proud of the great deal that  I got with  the set of couches.   I am laughing as I am writing this because the story is so funny.  I was garage saling (as usual) with my mother-in-law and I saw this excellent condition, tan, micro suede, recliner  couch.  (Just the couch.)  It was practically brand new, like it was never used before.  Score!  I asked the lady how much it was and she said that it was only $300.  Score again!!  Then I asked her if she had a love seat to match.  (I really needed a set!)  She said that she did,  but wasn’t planning on selling them.  Then, get this, I asked her if she would!  She said ok but she wanted $500 for the set. Then I asked for $4oo for the set. (Remember, everything is negotiable!)  And she said yes!!!!!!  So, now I have a new set of couches for only $400!!!!!!! 

2010 02 27_1314

Here is a close up of the love seat!  The previous owners used it in their sitting room off their master bedroom and now it is in our family room.  I don’t like paying too much for furniture especially because I have 3 children 4 and under!

 2010 02 27_1316

Here is a close up of our couch.  Any wear and tear that you see is all us!  It didn’t take the kids long to break it in.

2010 02 27_1317

Here is a close up of one of our end tables.  I bought all the tables in this room at two garage sales and painted them black!  I love BLACK!!!!!  Plus, I can just paint over all the kids’ scratches.  (I really need to do that again!)

2010 02 27_1318

Over on that wall, their is  a cut in for our TV.  We just recently bought that TV.  (Don’t worry, we got a great deal the day before Thanksgiving.  It was an online special.) 

2010 02 27_1320

For right now, we just put it on top of our old entertainment center.  But, I think that I might keep it here because I like that entertainment center a lot.   It holds all of our DVDs (we have waaaay to many) and lots and lots of toys and books and it keeps the TV far out of the kids reach.

2010 02 27_1321

Oh, did I mention that the entertainment center was FREE!!!!  My husband likes to say garbage picked but I like to say that it was standing by the curb waiting for a good home.  It is solid and very, very heavy.  We had to borrow a truck to get it into our house.

2010 02 27_1322

Anyway,  I am also really proud of these candle holders and candle because that was “another” great find. 

2010 02 27_1325 2010 02 27_1327 2010 02 27_1328

These are from a local downtown store in my town and they were “brand” new with the price tag still on that read…

2009 12 02_1407 2009 12 02_1408 

$149.00 EACH candle holder and $15.00 EACH candle.  I got  both candles and holders for $15!!!!!!  YEAH baby!!!!!  I love garage saling!!!!!

This lamp  base was $3.99 from the Goodwill (which I spray painted it black) and this shade was only $2.50 from a garage sale.  I also have a matching lamp on the other side of the couch.

2010 02 27_1332 2010 02 27_1333

2010 02 27_1336

I want to replace that lamp still. 

2010 02 27_1335

Ahh, now the clock!!!  I love this clock!!!!  I got this from the goodwill for only $30.00!!!!

Then, that same week I saw it in target for $99.00.  I was sooo happy!!!  I seriously couldn’t stop talking about it!

2010 02 27_1342 2010 02 27_1343

Next, I will show you my curtains and rods.  I searched a long time for these.  The rods are from Pottery Barn  Wal-Mart for cheap and the curtains were from Linins n Things.  Again, that was a day after Thanksgiving sale.  Normally they are $50 a panel but after the sale and using my 20% off total purchase sale, I paid only $30 a panel.  YES!!!!  I love sales!!!!

2010 02 27_13542010 02 27_1353 

Here is a glider that we got for FREE!!!!  It was a gift to us from my husband’s grandpa.  I re-covered it for cheap and now I like it. (kind of- not really!) It will due for now!

2010 02 27_1348

Best is not always last because this is my worst piece of furniture in the room.  It is my hubby’s swivel, reclining, Lane leather chair.  I hate it.  It is too big and bulky!  But it is just one of those things that he will not give up for the sake of decorating!!!  Don’t worry I am trying!!!

Here it is…

2010 02 27_1334

Ok, it doesn’t look too bad in that picture, so here is another one….

2010 02 27_1341

Sorry about blitzing you in the face with this! Uggg!

I liked this chair better, before he bought that leather one at an estates sale for $300!!!  Look, it even matched my couch:(

2009 11 29_1322

Oh, I forgot about the picture and pillows.  The picture was $5.00 at a garage sale and all the flowered pillows are from the goodwill and the other are from my cousin’s garage sale.  And that black piece of furniture under the clock was also from a garage sale for $30.  I keep our blankets in it.  Also, the mirror behind the glider was only $5.oo also.

Here is the before.


Here is the after.

2010 02 27_1313

So,  designing on a TIGHT budget can be done.  The ONLY things that we bought new in this room were the electronics, curtains and rods.  All you need is a little time to find what you want/need. 

I hope that you like this!  How do you “Design on a Dime”?

Bonnie :)

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