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Sunday, March 21, 2010
I seem to be on a role showing you how I decorate every room in my house on a budget.  I showed you my family room, guest room and hall bathroom and now I will show you my living room.  This room is actually a dinning room for most people but I don’t have a dining set so I use this room as a front living room.  I am not in love with this room but I am content with it right now but I am always on a hunt for new things to change it up.
2010 02 25_0758
Here is a couple different views of the room.  I painted it Fairway Oaks by Benjamin Moore which I love.  The color is not tot light or too dark.  We went with a pearl finish.
2010 02 25_0759 2010 02 25_07602010 02 25_0777 2010 02 25_0778 2010 02 25_0780  2010 02 25_0782   
2010 02 25_07792010 02 25_0786
I got that super cute table at a garage sale for $30, that picture for $6 (I spray painted the frame) and the frames were about $10 total.
2010 02 25_0761
I love those FACES!!!!
2010 02 25_0762
I spray painted the vase.  I think that it was $3.00 and I got  that  POTTERYBARN lamp for $15.00  Can you believe it??? Love it!
2010 02 25_0763 2010 02 25_0764
That lamp was also spray painted and I think that it was only $5.00 and the table was $10.00. (I painted the top black, the legs were already black)
2010 02 25_0765
I LOVE these candle holders, POTTERY BARN, of course!  They were only $8 total!!!!  They are almost my favorite things in the room.
 2010 02 25_0766
I also love this clock!!!!  Again, like EVERYTHING else that I buy, it’s from a garage sale  and it was only 20 bucks!!!  Ok, they had $40 on it  but I asked for $20.  She said yes!!!!  It can’t hurt to ask.  (TIP:  I almost ALWAYS ask them to come down in price and most of the time they do!!!!!!)
2010 02 26_0624
  2010 02 25_0769 2010 02 25_0770  2010 02 25_0772 2010 02 25_0773
Wasn’t that beautiful?
Ok, now the mirror.  I actually did buy this from Menards.  Don’t worry it was on clearance for only $80.  It was silver and gold but I spray painted in black. 
2010 02 25_0775
I love the details!
2010 02 25_0774
I covered the pillows.  I bought all of my fabric from Wal-Mart.
2010 02 25_0776
2010 02 26_0625
The couch was FREE!!!!  It was a gift from my husband’s Grandpa!
2010 02 26_0623
I bought this chair for only $20.  I got matching ones, the other one is used here.   
2010 02 25_0788
This is a Waverly rod from the Goodwill for only $20, the rods are from Linin’s ‘n Thing for $20 and I made the curtains with fabric that I already had.  I am really happy how they turned out!
 2010 02 25_0789 2010 02 25_0790
I put on new shades that were $1 each.
2010 02 25_0791   

Here are some really embarrassing before and afters.

2010 02 25_0760
Before.  Gross!!!  I seriously don’t know what I was thinking!!! ha ha!
After.  Way better, I hope!!!!  I am happy with it!  And I did it all on a budget!!!!
2010 02 26_0622
After looking at these before and afters…..I am liking the “after” way better than when I started writing this.
Bonnie :)
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