Show Off Your Cottage "Kitchen" Monday!

Sunday, December 5, 2010
Welcome to "SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY", a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.

The House in the Roses

Good morning friends, and welcome to another SHOW OFF YOUR COTTAGE MONDAY! Did you have a nice weekend? Oh I did! Especially delightful was going through all the glorious photographs you are about to see in our post today! Photographs of kitchens and favorite corners in kitchens and dining areas of readers and friends of “The house in the roses” who have all come together here to celebrate our favorite room in our homes. So here they are... enjoy!

Kitchen from Francesca from Italy... with all the lovely qualities of a lifestyle rooted in the countryside of the old world! Just charming!

Terry's kitchen... like out of a magazine gorgeous! Love every detail here!

Cathy's kitchen is a hub, family and friends end up there. She replaced the table (They have a bar they eat at and a formal dining room) with a love seat in front of a big bow window that looks out over our gardens and into the woods (doesn't this sound dreamy). They have a small TV and a fireplace, country blue cupboards that Cathy chose years ago and still love. Her back splash is recycled tin ceiling. She does not have granite counters or stainless appliances or fancy floors but, as Cathy herself puts it, she wouldn't change a thing!

Kathy's kitchen... This lovely hutch, now decorated for Christmas in blue, white and silver is remicent of the warmth and comfort of Kathy's family kitchen and of happy memories of her dear mother.

Sheila's kitchen... romantic, with a feeling of openness and all in all TRULY DREAMY!

Carol's kitchen! Yellow walls, white Shaker cabinets with latches and vintage pulls, farmhouse sink, subway tile, soapstone counters! What a delightful place to spend time!

Cozy and romantic and so homey kitchen/dinning area embraced by natural light, from Ricki.

A magnificent out of a magazine 'frenchy' kitchen, from Isa. Isn't this gorgeous!

A favorite cozy spot in Gayla's kitchen, now decorated for the holidays!

Lissette's kitchen... I can sense a little bit of childhood here, same sense of style, crisp, clean feeling! Maybe we could pass for sisters? ;)

Cowboys in the kitchen? I'm sure! Well, cowboys or not, I'm sure everyone loves this Texas kitchen diva and her food! Family gatherings around a table of great food has always been a tradition at BJ's home.

And of course, I had to join these kitchen divas and show you my own little world too! This is my favorite room of my house. This is where I spend hours engage in delightful things such as cooking, baking, talking, laughing, sharing, singing, dancing, praying, and cleaning much!! And guess what??? Blogging too!

One of the things I truly enjoy about my kitchen is the three windows overlooking the garden… They're not big or anything special, but while I cook or wash dishes or clean the floors, I always have to pause to just take a look outside and see what new treasure nature has in store for me… Nature never ceases to amaze me, to entice me with a regalia of symbols… like this morning's unpredictable moment when I paused to drink in the smell on the winter air. Truly wonderful!

Oh this was delightful! And you know what? I think we should do this more often! Don't you think so? I do I do! Let’s see, what can we show off next?—our pantry maybe, or our favorite bathroom in the house, or a guess room, or a favorite china???? You tell me!

I’d leave you this beautiful quote from Barbara Costikyan, which I think it perfectly depicts a collective sentiment of what our kitchens represent: “In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.”

Remember, it is NOT necessary to talk about your kitchen on your “Show Off Your Cottage Monday” to link. You are welcome to celebrate whatever you want and link and participate in our weekly meme just as you’ve been doing every Monday! Just please remember to link back to The house in the roses as pure courtesy.