I Cleaned Under My Stove

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 12 13_1461

Mondays are my day to wash my floors and on Monday, when I was washing, the sun was hitting my floor just right because I was able to see all the junk under my stove!  It was disgusting!!!   Immediately, I pulled out my oven and had to see what was under there.  I realized that I had not cleaned under there since we painted our kitchen a couple of YEARS ago…Opps!

This is what it looked like.

2010 12 13_1457

After I vacuumed and washed it Basic H, it looked like this!!!  YAY!!!!!  It’s glowing again!

2010 12 13_1460

This was also disgusting!  EWWW!!  Something must of spilled on the side of the oven onto the side of our cabinet.

 2010 12 13_1458

Again, I just sprayed and wiped with my trusty Organic Basic H and viola!

2010 12 13_1459  

Am I the only one who gets excitement from a clean floor under my oven?

You know a lot of dust gets stored under there and could spread to the rest of the floor. 

Plus, isn’t having things stuck under there a fire hazard?

How often do you clean under your stove?

I challenge you to clean under your stove today and see what it looks like.  It only took less 10 minutes!

Happy Cleaning!


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