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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Over the weekend we celebrated my Papa’s 80th Birthday!!!!

I love family parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While we were all together, we celebrated my husband’s and brother’s birthday and my sister’s engagement!  It was so nice to see everyone.  Getting together with my family is one of my FAVORITE things to do in the whole world.

I am the oldest of 11 children. 

That’s right, 11!

Here is a picture of all of us  form this summer.


I always get lot of questions after I tell someone that.  They usually ask me these questions in this order, lol….

“Do you have any twins?”   No.

“Are all the kids from the same marriage?”  Yes.

“Are you Catholic?”  Yes.

“Were you homeschooled?”  Yes.

“Are you going to homeschool?”  Yes.

“How old are you?” 25

“How old is your youngest sibling?” He just turned 3.  (that’s who’s birthday we celebrated)

“How old are your kids?”  Grace 4, Michael almost 3 and Matthew 1.  And yes, my mom and I were pregnant together.

Here is a picture….I know she will just die when she sees this. (She gets my posts via email) lol  Look, we even dress the same!  hee hee!  I just noticed that now.  We both love to wear pink, black stretch pants and slippers!! lol!  Michael’s uncle is only 2 months older than him and Grace is older that her uncle!  Isn’t that sooo funny!!!


“Where did you all sleep?”  Why do they ask me that?  Where do they think we slept.  Yes, we each had our own bed!!!!  But we did share rooms most of the time.

“Are you going to have a big family?”  We are just trying to do God’s will. We are open to life.  

Those are some of the questions that I get and it is so funny because everyone really does ask me those questions in that order!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the party at my mom’s house.

We LOVE food and our parties are known for always having way too much of it.

2010 03 14_1447

This is a homemade chocolate cheesecake ball that my Grandma made, yum!

2010 03 14_1448

Yummmmm, butter!

2010 03 14_1449 2010 03 14_1450

To fit everyone together, they set up tables in their basement.  The adults are closer to the window and the kid”s table is the table with all the “cars” stuff (for my brother’s birthday).

2010 03 14_1451

They always have to so cute and fun!

2010 03 14_1452 2010 03 14_1453

The always make the cutest little name tags for everyone.

2010 03 14_1454 2010 03 14_1460

Here is everyone minus my brother who was in Florida for college baseball and me because I was taking the photo.

Front right: Michael, Front left: his Uncle Johnathon (hehe)  They are so cute!

2010 03 14_1645

Here is my sister playing with Grace.  My kids absolutely LOVE going to grandma’s house.  They ask, “Are we going to the grandma’s house with the kids?” lol! 2010 03 14_1459

This is my Grandma and Papa (dad’ parents) looking through the picture book that we gave my Papa for his 80th birthday.  My sister-in-law,  Ann Marie made it and did a wonderful job.  They loved it!

2010 03 14_14972010 03 14_1480

She is not camera shy, lol! 

2010 03 14_1490

2010 03 14_1574

I love that baby soooo much!  

2010 03 14_1538

Here is my sister Elisabeth getting gifts for her engagement.

2010 03 14_1520

I took some pictures of their house it show you.  If you think that I am good and garage saling, you should see her house.

Here is the family room.  They need a LOT of seating! 

2010 03 14_1388

Living Room

2010 03 14_1387


2010 03 14_1437 

Here is my parent’s room.

2010 03 14_14242010 03 14_1427

Master bath

2010 03 14_1434

Their closet (my mom is so organized)

2010 03 14_1430  

Here is my sister’s room (This is were we sleep when visiting) Isn’t it so cute???

2010 03 14_1394 2010 03 14_1401

That is my sister Rachelle in their craft corner.

2010 03 14_1404 2010 03 14_1406

There room is over their 3 car garage and it didn’t have a closet, so they made this.

2010 03 14_1409 2010 03 14_1410

Here is their downstairs hall bath.  (they just re-did this room) 

2010 03 14_1439 2010 03 14_1440  

These are just a couple of their rooms!  There house is really neat and the decor is always changing.  Click here to see their fall d├ęcor and here to see their Christmas decor.

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures of my family and my parent’s house.

Bonnie :)

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Love in the garden

Monday, March 29, 2010

It is written on the quilt of grass

In the shape of a daffodil print

Some strands of butterfly wing

A flower scent

There is no word to define the joy,

No measure...


Where your heart sings is where your feet will dance. Is it that simple?

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Sunday, March 28, 2010
Welcome to “Show Off Your Cottage Monday”, a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live.

It is still cold around here, and dark Stratus clouds layered and covered most of the sky... but the promise of spring lingers behind a gloomy horizon… Nothing signals the end of a long winter and the promise of spring as gloriously as the reappearance of the robins in my garden and the happy faces of pansies...

Today, I'm celebrating the joy that comes to light when sunny days appear. Ah, the sense of warmth, both bold and bright that embraces me each time the skies are clear... a moment’s peace, a sacred calm and stillness within my palms...

Are you a sun seeker? Or do you prefer the solitude of winter? What are you celebrating today about your home or life? I'd love to hear about it. Add your link below, just please be sure to:

1. Copy and paste our little logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the house in the roses from your post so that your readers can come and see what everyone else is celebrating today!

Birthday Dinner Tablescape

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This week we celebrated my husband’s birthday!  I just had to show you how I set the table.  To be honest with you,  I never set our table with this much stuff on it and I had total blast!!!!  It could be that I just got all new dishes from my mother-in-law.  That is a great story that I will tell you about soon.  Anyway here is some pictures.  Sorry about the lighting, I didn’t know it would take that long to set a table and I lost a lot of sun.  I hope you like them.

2010 03 24_1840 2010 03 24_1841

2010 03 24_1864 

2010 03 24_1842 2010 03 24_1843 2010 03 24_18542010 03 24_1844  2010 03 24_1860 2010 03 24_1861 2010 03 24_1862 2010 03 24_1846 2010 03 24_1847

I didn’t know what I wanted to use as a centerpiece so I used candles, flowers and strawberries.  I think it looked good and the kids loved the fruit.  They ate about a 1/4 of them before Scott even came home, lol!

2010 03 24_1848 2010 03 24_1849 2010 03 24_1850 2010 03 24_1851 2010 03 24_1852   2010 03 24_1855  2010 03 24_1857 2010 03 24_1858 2010 03 24_1859 2010 03 24_1863 2010 03 24_1865

I hope that you like it!  I had a lot of fun setting it up.  I will defiantly be doing more tablescapes in the future!

I hope that you have a great weekend!!!!

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I will be linking up to some of these fun parties!

Bonnie :)

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