Get Clean Laundry Detergent Story

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today, I want to take a break from organizing to share an awesome testimony from a Shaklee customer.

“My daughter, Sara, wants to wear my 35 year old wedding dress for her September wedding. I
had my doubts as the dress has been sitting in a trunk moved from place to place and was
covered with big brown spots. I thought I needed a specialist who restores old gowns. After
some internet research I send the gown to a specialist about 90 miles from my home in
Greenville, SC. I talked with her when the dress arrived and she thought she would be able to
clean it.

After two months I called again and she had bad news for me. The spots were not coming out
and she was afraid she would damage the fabric if she tried other methods. So I paid her $100
and got the gown back in the same shape I sent it to her. I have used the soak the impossible
solution many times and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. I soaked the dress in
sections as there is a lot of fabric in a wedding dress.

After two days of soaking each section,all of the spots came out and the dress was completely clean although wrinkled. I took it to my local dry cleaner. They steamed it and the dress is like new. It fits beautifully and Sara is thrilled.”

Thanks to Nancy for sharing this with us!


1/4 cup Shaklee's Get Clean Laundry Concentrate
1/4 cup Nature Bright Laundry Booster

Mix in a pail of hot water. Add your soiled items and let soak up to 5 days!

Try it.  It is amazing and completely safe even for fabrics which are not supposed to be washed
like the wedding gown!

Do you have a Shaklee Testimony?

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Have a great day!


Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Liquid) HE Compatible

Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Liquid) HE Compatible

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover